Which Color Carpets Are Easiest to Keep Clean?

You don’t need to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to recognize a fundamental reality about carpet cleaning: Some colors are easier to clean than others. But it’s not just the color that matters. Factors that influence the age-old question of “When should I clean my carpets?” also include:


• Texture

• Materials

• Amount of traffic

• Your own standards of what it means to be “clean”

• How you plan to clean the carpets and with what (i.e. will this be a DIY job, or will you hire a professional cleaning service?)

So the answer is not as easy as “a black carpet is easier to clean than a white carpet.” It might be – obviously a white carpet will “show” some stains more. But it’s more complex than that. For instance, say you want to figure out the best carpeting for your laundry room. If there is a risk that bleach will drip onto the carpet and leave streaky patches everywhere, you should choose a white carpet over a black one!

Do you ever notice the carpeting at airports, hotels, and other places that get a lot of foot traffic? The carpeting is usually patterned and colored in a way that masks dirt and debris. Thus, stains – like spilled sodas, blood, gum, gunk, etc. – won’t show up as easily.

All that being said, you have to make some decisions. So are there any good rules of thumb to help you contextualize? Here are three.

1. Consider the carpet and the context of the room as a whole. In other words, is the room “comfortable” to a certain amount of disorder? That is, could you get a stain here or there without risking a disheveled appearance (e.g. a carpet for a rumpus room where you and your kids play around in a lot)? Or is there not as much “give” in the system, aesthetically (e.g. the carpet in your formal living room – for guests only)?

2. Lighter colors tend to show stains more. A bright white, pink, or yellow carpet is likely going to show stains more than a dark brown, black, or patterned carpet.

3. It all comes down to the colors of the stains that you anticipate. If bleach stains are likely, then a black carpet is more “dangerous” to deploy than a white one. But typically, stains are darker in color, so darker colors will tend to mask them better.

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