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Elegant Thread Carpet Care is an IICRC certified carpet cleaning company in Sunnyvale that is always ready to help you get a cleaner carpet. Our carpet cleaning processes make carpets look new because we use a soap-free cleaning agent, Procyon Plus(TM) that is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

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Well, of course, we come to you. Wen you search for a “Carpet cleaner near me” you expect to find a professional that will come to your home. But, we also come to you for estimates, and for estimates over the phone, we stick by our pricing. This way, a quality carpet cleaning in your area is just a phone call away.

Sunnyvale Carpet Cleaning Company

Need Carpet Cleaning Services? We’ve got you covered! We have been in the carpet business for years and our professional services have people talking all over in the Campbell CA area. We have customers who are loyal and satisfied with our services and hard-working professionally trained staff.


We provide professional carpet cleaning services which typically consist of steaming your carpet to perfection using our steamers and carpet cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solution is incomparable and can get that very stain that you thought couldn’t be removed. We take our time to ensure your carpet is dry from all of the water and steam from our products. This is done to prevent mildew and mold within your carpet. We also offer screen printing services.


We understand that a lot of individuals will have concerns about inviting others into their homes. Here we have professional staff who will treat you all like family! Our staff is one you can count on. We will treat your home as if it is someone in our family or even our own home. We promise to treat your pets with the same courtesy. All of our technicians are friendly and will treat everyone with the utmost respect. We understand the importance of having clean carpet within a home and we are guaranteed to come within your home and do just that!


All of our products have been tested on carpets before coming to your home. We have tested our products before starting to use them for allergens or any other issues that could have been caused. Our products are used to lift dirt and remove stains. All of our products we use are safe and used in the proper manner. Along with our screen printing products. They are all safe to use and are carpet and people-friendly.

Campbell CA has a lot of carpet cleaning businesses but if you choose us you are choosing the right one. Our professional technicians and staff are ready to work for you. We guarantee to clean your carpet correctly the first time out and we will stun you with our brilliant services.


Visit our office or give us a call and we’ll come to you!

Carpet Cleaning and Steam CLeaning Service

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    Carpet Cleaning Services Sunnyvale, California

    Our Carpet Cleaning Secret

    We achieve a “like new” condition with our multi-step deep restorative cleaning process in our ‘Beautiful as a Bouquet’ package, performed by our IICRC trained technicians. Our SOAP FREE PROCYON(TM) cleaning solution is combined with a special gentle agitation process; two of the multiple steps we perform which are unmatched in the carpet cleaning industry.

    We Stand Behind Our Workmanship

    Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality cleaning and customer service. We pay special attention to what the customer wants and we communicate realistically when discussing spots, carpet odors, and other various cleanings that may be required and by learning from our customers that share reviews and testimonials with us. Most importantly, we guarantee our service. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will take steps to correct the problem.

    Full Home Cleaning Services Near You

    Cleaning Packages

    There are three Elegant Thread Carpet Care Cleaning Packages that meet a variety of cleaning needs and budgets.

    Area Rug Cleaning

    Deep clean most area rugs every two years to remove allergens, dust mites, sand, dirt, and hair that are trapped in your area rug fibers.

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Our cleaning method will clean your tile and grout and also remove the old grime in your grout lines.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Heavily soiled to light cleaning, our multi-step cleaning process is designed to restore your furniture as close to its original condition as possible.

    We Also Offer Safe Dry Clean Carpet Cleaning Options

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