Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Services

Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Services

Oriental Rugs

Any rug that is hand-knotted and created in Asia is considered is known as an oriental rug. Most people get oriental rugs confused with Persian rugs or think they are interchangeable, but they are not. The two rugs are entirely different. Oriental rugs are produced in certain countries such as Iran, Tibet, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, and China. Oriental rugs are made in multiple different countries. China is the number one producer and has a long history of producing oriental rugs. When cleaning oriental rugs, a specific oriental rug cleaning process must be done to restore the carpet to its beautiful condition.

Persian Rug

Persian rugs are unique and popular. Persian rugs are under the category of oriental rugs because they are hand-knotted in Iran. The type of hand knot that is used to make Persian rugs is called a Persian knot. The Persian knot is an asymmetrical knotting technique. The two most famous Persian rugs that you can find on the market are the central medallion and all-over rugs. Like the oriental rug, a specific Persian rug cleaning process is used to restore rugs that have accumulated wear and tear over time. Since Persian rugs are so popular globally, they are in demand and very expensive.

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    Tips For Performing Persian And Oriental Rug Cleaning

    The Persian rug cleaning process and oriental rug cleaning process are virtually the same. The best ways to clean these rugs or keep the rugs clean are to rotate often, protect the rugs when storing them, keep the rugs out of direct sunlight, vacuum gently doing routine cleaning, and use a professional cleaning service to deep clean the rug. Individuals may vacuum their rugs daily to remove any dust and dirt build-up from the rug. However, a regular vacuum does not have the capability of removing all of the dust and debris that accumulates on an oriental or Persian rug. This is why having a professional rug cleaner clean the rug as needed is essential.

    Professional rug cleaners have all the tools needed to remove all the dust and debris and have the oriental or Persian rug looking new again. Individuals spend a lot of money on these rugs, so maintaining them is essential because it prevents the owner from having to purchase a new one to replace an old one. The lifespan of the oriental and Persian rugs is extended when they are adequately maintained. This includes protecting the rugs when storing them, vacuum gently doing routine cleaning, using a professional cleaning service if the rug needs to be deep cleaned, rotating often, and keeping the rugs out of direct sunlight.

    • Inspecting: We look for fading, discoloration, stains, pre-existing damage, color instability, and odors.
    • Dusting: This step is essential in cleaning hand-knotted rugs because the rug is built on a woven foundation. As dust gets soiled into this type of material, the foundation is susceptible to deterioration. By dusting the rug, the dust within the foundation is brought to surface to be cleansed.
    • Soaking: This step allows for the full saturation of the rug and breaks-up proteins to allow for the full removal of both stains and most pet odors.
    • Shampooing: Our shampoo is made from the finest natural products, and specially designed to not only thoroughly cleanse the rug but also to kill any bacteria.
    • Pressurized Rinsing: By using jet pressured water, all shampoo is extinguished from the rug, removing any residue that could cause damage to the rug.
    • Conditioning: Allows for the luster and softness to be enhanced as well as revitalizing colors in the rug, much like conditioning human hair.
    • Drying: After sending the rug through a ringer, it is hung in our drying room for an eight hour period. This allows for all moisture to be released, avoiding any risk of dry-rot.
    • Fringe Cleaning: The fringe is given separate attention with thorough cleaning and rinsing, leaving the fringe sparkling white.
    • Brushing: A thorough brushing is done to enhance the softness and consistency of the rug.
    Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Services