Clean Your Carpet Free from Wildfire Smoke

Carpet Cleaning can Help Get the Smoke Out of your Home

Carpet Cleaning services can do wonders for making sure that you get that smoke smell due to wildfires out of your carpet.

Do It Yourself Options

While there are options for trying to clean the smell out of your carpet yourself, there are limits to what they can do. If you’ve had a wildfire come by and dump an unbelievable amount of wildfire smoke into your house and carpet, then you can try options like:

Smoke Smell Vacuuming
Smoke Smell in Fire Use Peppermint


If you dilute it properly, natural peppermint oil can make it so that the smell is overcome by peppermint. However, it may not eliminate the smell, and you may need to dilute it so much to avoid other carpet problems that it might not do enough.

Smoke Smell in Fire Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda

This tool is often useful for cleaning and soaking up orders. You’d have to let it sit on the carpet for 8 hours, however. Also, it certainly might not be enough if you are trying to completely eliminate the smell.

Smoke Smell in Fire Try Lavender


You can actually combine another natural cleaning agent with baking soda to deodorize your carpet and other areas. The recommendation is to sprinkle it over the carpet and let it be out there for 8 hours. Then, you can repeat it if it isn’t working. If you repeat this over and over again, you may need to do something a bit more drastic to make sure that you get everything out.

DIY Dangers

If you are trying to use vinegar or whatever else to clean out that smoke scent yourself, then you have to worry about constantly changing your air filters to make sure you stay clear of any potential problems from wildfire smoke.

Remember, smoke does more than just smell bad, it also can be dangerous. Make sure you keep all of your windows open in order to get all the toxic fumes out. You may want to wear a mask, and you may want to clean every square inch of your house including walls, the ceiling, and anything else that can soak up smoke.

Going Professional

In the end, you have enough to deal with without having to also worry about smoke from wildfires as well, after all, keeping safe from wildfires can be almost like a full-time job.

Instead, you can call a professional carpet cleaning service that knows exactly how to get every tiny bit of smell and other toxins completely out of your house while being safe while doing it, and doing it in as efficient a manner as possible. It often just makes more sense, including economical sense, to do it this way, since otherwise, you could end up with costly health problems instead.