How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Newly Cleaned Carpet

After getting the services of a professional carpet cleaner, what follows is maintaining that level of cleanliness. It may be easy to overlook the appearance and health of our carpets after giving them professional treatment. However, it would be best that we avoid such a temptation. Regardless of the cleaning frequency, carpets gather dirt and dust, and we should prevent them from building up into air-borne contaminants. Wondering ‘how do I Maintain My Carpet after professional cleaning?’ Below are simple steps for us to maintain clean and fresh carpets after professional treatment.

How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning?
maintain carpet Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming of carpets ensures that our mats are dust-free and remain presentable for a more extended period. Allergens can gradually travel deep into the fiber when we neglect our carpets, complicating the cleaning process. Our topmost priority should be cleaning carpets regularly, possibly weekly or fortnightly. Such a schedule will prevent our carpets from becoming grounds for germ breeding and assist us in maintaining a healthier and cleaner environment.

maintain carpet Avoid Traffic on floor

Avoid Traffic on the Wet Carpet

Avoid using the carpet immediately after cleaning. Most, if not all, professional carpet cleaning services entail steam cleaning because heat is a powerful extractor. Even though the method is efficient because it delivers a cleaner carpet, it takes time to dry completely. It is costly and pointless for us to soil our carpets after getting them cleaned professionally. We should allow our carpets to dry completely before using them.

maintain carpet No-shoe Policy

No-shoe Policy

As we walk over our carpets while wearing shoes, we will likely leave behind unusual tread patterns that will only add more dirt and dust. There is a high likelihood that even the cleanest shoes will move the dust deeper into the fiber and make cleaning more difficult. Dirt from minutest contacts, such as a high heel, will undoubtedly leave a mark behind on a freshly cleaned carpet. A clean pair of socks will surely leave the carpet dirt-free. Implement a no-shoe policy to ensure our carpets remain dust and dirt-free for the longest time possible.

maintain carpet Clean Stains and Spills Immediately

Clean Stains and Spills Immediately

One of the critical rules to maintaining our carpets’ appearance is cleaning stains and spills immediately. It can be a food particle or milk spill, do not scrub for best results. Dab the area using a dry cloth, and use water to clean while the spill is still fresh. Get rid of excessive wetness after cleaning using absorbent material to allow quick drying.