If you  have  a fairly fresh blood stain on your carpeting, try removing the stain ASAP because the longer it sets, the harder to  it will to prevent it from permanently staining the carpet fibers.

Prepare all your materials in order to proceed with ease and speed, and have patience with the process. Diligently following these steps will help you remove blood stains from carpet.

Slowly dab the affected area with an absorptive  paper toweling to eliminate the blood. Be careful not to swab with force as this will spread and worsen the stain.

Mix a few drops of   mild dish washing soap with 1.5  cups of cold water in a bowl.  Use only use very cold water; hot water will cause the stain to set into carpet fibers, possibly creating an odd discoloration nearly impossible to remove. Be tight with the number of droplet of dish detergent you mix in! Excess soap  after cleaning will draw-in more dirt, resulting in a dark spot.

For bigger or more  stubborn stains, try using hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or OxiClean in the same way. Mix any one of these liquids with cool water in a diluted solution (never mix these cleaners together!), and blot it onto the blood stain. Be aware of your carpet’s material and only choose blood stain removers that will not damage your carpet.

With a dry section of cloth or absorbent paper towels, it’s now time to blot any excess water from the carpet. If it’s a big area, we suggest making use of a fan which will assist in circulating the air;  if it’s easier try use a hair dryer on a cool setting only.  The quicker  you can dry the area the better the chance that any blood set deep down in the carpet pile will wick up and become visible.

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