Coffee stains are one the most common household stains, especially to one’s carpet.

Whether it’s the bedroom, loving room, den, dinning or family room, it not a matter of if, but when. After all what U.S. household doesn’t have a least one family member who drinks coffee? Not too many, right?

 Coffee spills often ends up on our tables, our clothing, and of course our carpets.    

And when it spills onto your carpeting, the key to preventing stains is speed — taking mmediate action in necessary!   

Step 1: Act Quickly!

If you can take action pronto, use a white cloth and lightly blot up all the excess coffee. Pour a tiny amount of cold water right on to the stain which will dilute any remaining liquid. Now grab another clean white cloth and blot again. You will need to repeat this process until the cloth picks up no more color

Step 2:  Make Your Own Stain-Remover

Solution A: Using baking soda you should make a paste of three-parts water with one-part baking soda. Apply it to the coffee-stained area. Let the area dry completely then vacuum up the paste. Repeat this process until the stain has vanished.

Solution B: Vinegar. Mix two cups of water, one tablespoon of vinegar, and one tablespoon of dish soap in a bowl. Use a clean sponge to apply the solution directly onto the coffee stain. Now blot it dry. Repeat this until the stain has vanished.

Either of the 2 Steps should work. However, if your carpeting still has some remnants  of the coffee stain. you made need the pros from Elegant Carpet Care to finish the completely remove the stain.  

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