#1: Hydrogen Peroxide

If you find an old permanent ink stain, hydrogen peroxide will fix it. Grab a clean cotton towel and pour a little hydrogen peroxide into it. Blot the ink stain thoroughly with your towel until the ink comes up. Clean the area with water to flush out the peroxide and let the carpet air out overnight.

#2: Baking  Soda

All you need to do is mix together baking soda and water so that it forms a paste. Then, using a cotton ball, gently apply the paste to your ink stain and dab it lightly. After the stain has lifted, or no more ink is coming off on the cotton ball, simply wipe the paste with a clean, colorless cloth or paper towel.

 #3: WD-40

the spray lubricant that I normally think of as the stuff to grab when you have a squeak in a door hinge. After you spray the ink stain on the carpet with the WD-40 let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then sponge the stain with warm soapy water.

#4: Hair Spray

Spray onto the stained area and blot with paper towels or a clean microfiber cloth until the stain has gone.  Saturate a cotton ball with 100% acetone nail polish remover is an and dab it onto the stain. This will gradually dissolve the ink and be absorbed by the cotton ball.

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