1. Lightly wet the stain with warm water to loosen the dried coffee. Then, gently blot the stained carpeted area with a dry white cloth. Start at the edges of the stain and then move the cloth inward to prevent the color from leaking to surrounding fibers. Continue to wet and blot the coffee stain until there are no more coffee residue transferring onto your cloth.
  2. You can make own cleaner. Use supplies you almost surely already have in your home; you’ll be able to remove coffee stains from your carpeting just as easily as with expensive commercial cleaner. An effective homemade coffee stain remover consists of one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Combine these in a bowl and stir the solution with a spoon.
  3. Apply your cleaning liquid with a clean cloth. Blot from the edges of the stain and move inward. Tip the cloth back into the bowl as needed. Blot the stain with a dry cloth so you can remove the stain from the carpet’s fibers.
  4. If the coffee contained cream or sugar, combine one capful of enzyme laundry detergent and one cup warm water in a separate bowl. Stir your solution so blends completely. Use a new cloth, dip this cleaning solution onto the old coffee stain which will break down the gummy-like stain caused by the cream and sugar.

Rinse the carpeting with cool water. Blot up as much liquid as possible with a clean towel or cloth  and allow the carpet to air-dry 100 percent Do no walk on the area until the spot has dried completely.

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